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Oxbow Security Platform

Security information and event management (SIEM), device vulnerability management and threat intelligence in one place. Built-In Microsoft 365 integration including monitoring, and advanced analysis capability. Oxbow Security Platform is the easy answer to network audit and accountability.

Managed Security Solution

The Oxbow Security Platform (OSP) captures, indexes and correlates real-time data – with custom designed dashboards for graphs, reports, alerts, and visualizations. Post-processing analysis capability provides advanced key markers to detect and identify tactics, techniques, and procedures targeting your network assets.
OSP is available as a part of the 5-Step RSI Cybersecurity Roadmap for the Defense Industrial Base. Learn more about OSP and our Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service (SOCaaS) and request a quote at RiverstoneSolutions.com.

DevSecOps Integration

Oxbow Security Platform can be integrated to your existing security tool pipeline. Leverage OSP capabilities to extend existing capabilities, incorporate API data connectors, and to integrate additional open source, COTS and GOTS tools sets. OSP easily integrates with Federal (on-premise, closed protected networks) and Commercial security pipelines.
Managed Security Monitoring

The Oxbow Security Platform (OSP) ingests data streams from security protection devices (firewalls, routers) into a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. OSP allows for near real-time monitoring and analysis of network activity, visually representing cybersecurity attack threats – including threat type, source, location and priority. Contact Riverstone Solutions Inc. for info on our bundled Security Operations Center as a Service offering with OSP.

API Integration

Oxbow utilizes custom application programming interfaces (API) to ingest machine generated data sets from your applications or security protection assets or IOT devices. Our data pipeline enables data aggregation, correlation, deep analysis and data visualization - delivering a real-time view of your network security posture.

Data Analytics

Advanced techniques support behavioral pattern analysis and insight into past attack vectors - providing information that can be further leveraged to harden assets against future attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence feeds extend network situational awareness to demonstrate correlation of real-world events and network threats. Customized Threat Intelligence Feeds are incorporated to OSP as part of our bundled SOCaaS offerings. Contact Riverstone Solutions Inc. for more info.

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